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Car Accident, Denver, CO

Car Crashes

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Car Crash

Free consultation for all personal injury cases.

When You Have Been Injured in a Denver Area Car Accident


After seeking medical treatment following a serious auto accident, your next step should be to learn about your rights. Insurance companies have a vested monetary interest in protecting their bottom lines. This often comes at the expense of injury victims, who accept low-ball settlements to get on with their lives. Unfortunately, accepting a settlement far below your actual financial needs can be devastating.

The founding attorney, Michael P. Litman, has been working with injured people for decades. The Litman Law Firm, PC has seen firsthand how insurance companies will try to keep their costs low, often at the expense of the seriously injured. As your attorney, we work to elevate the power you wield in negotiating or litigating for a full and fair settlement.


Mr. Litman has litigated hundreds of personal injury cases on behalf of clients . In operation since 2001, our office has established a proud reputation of providing experienced, effective and client-focused counsel for those in need.

Insurance companies have in-house lawyers whose only job is to protect the interests of the corporation. When you put us on your side, we work to level the playing field. Rely on us for representation in:

Catastrophic auto accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Bus and truck accidents

Drunk driving accidents

Hit-and-run accidents

Pedestrian accidents

Bicycle accidents

Accidents resulting in spinal cord injuries

Accidents resulting in brain injuries

Fatal accidents and wrongful death

When the insurance company won't pay a full or fair settlement, or you have been unfairly denied coverage, you need a strong advocate on your side. When our clients are facing mounting medical bills, the potential need for long-term care, lost wages, diminished earning potential or even final expenses for a lost loved one, we stand up for the rights of auto accident victims.


We take pride in having the tools, resources and dedication to help those in need. Whether you were involved in a tractor trailer crash on I-70, were struck on a bicycle or you were involved in a rush-hour car accident in downtown Denver, when you have been injured, you have the right to ensure that insurance companies live up to their obligations and that those responsible are held accountable.

Contact our office today at 303-322-2222, toll free at 800-331-4324 to schedule a free first consultation. We provide contingency fee arrangements or hourly fees, and in most cases you will be responsible only for paying attorney's fees once we have successfully resolved your case.


Colorado Drug Possession Charges Lawyer

Defending Your Freedom

Arrested for a crime in Colorado? Is a past conviction causing legal troubles? You will need a strong advocate in court to achieve the most favorable outcome. The criminal law attorneys of the Litman Law Firm, PC are qualified to defend your freedom or address a negative outcome based on bad advice from previous counsel.


Based in Denver, we have capably defended citizens and non-citizens throughout Colorado against all misdemeanor and felony charges:

  • Traffic violations and license suspension issues
  • Shoplifting and theft of property
  • DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  • Domestic violence (assault, battery)
  • Violation of order for protection
  • Assault and battery
  • Drug possession charges
  • Drug trafficking or distribution
  • Burglary or robbery
  • Fraud (check fraud, government fraud, fake ID)
  • Juvenile offenses

Non-Citizens: Our lawyers also have extensive experience in U.S. immigration law. We can protect your rights when conviction might result in removal (deportation). If you have been arrested or have an outstanding warrant, you need to contact an attorney immediately.

Aggressive Defense against Criminal Charges

We understand the hardship that a jail term or prison sentence places on you and your family, After assessing the case against you, the Litman Law Firm, PC can advise you of the likely outcome, discuss your legal options, and pursue the best course of action:

  • We seek to have charges dropped or evidence suppressed based on police errors or violation of clients' rights.
  • We are skilled at bargaining with prosecutors for favorable plea agreements with lesser penalties, such as probation, restitution, treatment, or fines.
  • If your case goes to trial, we will vigorously challenge probable cause for traffic stops, witness accounts, validity of coerced confessions, motives of informants, and other evidence.


Many of our clients come to us because they received poor legal advice in the past that is now creating severe problems. Some were represented by public defenders who did not understand the immigration ramifications of pleading guilty to certain crimes. Others were given wrong counsel from a notaria (notario publico) who was not qualified (or authorized) to provide legal advice.

If you are now facing deportation, license suspension, or enhanced penalties because of a prior conviction or new criminal charge, contact experienced criminal defense lawyer Michael Litman. He will try to re-open your original case and enable you to go to trial or negotiate a more favorable plea agreement.


Whether you made a mistake or face false allegations, you need quality legal counsel to minimize the impact on your life. For proven representation, contact our Denver office. Our staff speaks Spanish.


Denver Family Employment Based Immigration and Visa Issues Lawyer

The Litman Law Firm, PC provides knowledgeable legal counsel and representation to individuals and businesses statewide in Colorado. Whether you are applying for entry to the United States or need immediate help with issues related to your immigration matter, our experienced immigration lawyers can help.


Michael Litman has practiced in U.S. immigration law since 2001, helping hundreds of clients resolve their legal issues. We handle all immigration and naturalization issues, including legal immigrants and undocumented aliens facing criminal charges or deportation.


Our family immigration lawyers help citizens and permanent residents bring their families to the U.S. We have helped clients around the globe, including Mexico, South and Central America, Indonesia, India, Korea, Europe, and Africa.

  • K-1 fiancee visas and K-3 spouse visas
  • Visas for children, siblings, and parents
  • Green cards for family members
  • Naturalization (citizenship)


Our special focus is representing clients who have been arrested or previously convicted of a deportable crime in Colorado, and/or facing removal for other reasons. We act swiftly to address both the immigration issues and the criminal court issues so that non-citizens charged with a crime can stay in the United States or be allowed to re-enter at a later date.

The immigration lawyers of Litman Law Firm, PC are dedicated to protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome in your case. We represent clients before all agencies in all matters, including the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Board of Immigration Appeals, Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR).

We advise you of your rights and give you a dependable legal opinion so that you can make an informed decision. Contact our Denver law firm at 303-322-2222 for skilled, compassionate representation.


Litman Law Firm, PC assists employers and foreign investors in all business immigration issues:

  • Work visas for specialized workers (H-1B, TN NAFTA visas)
  • PERM labor certification and employment-based green cards
  • Treaty trader immigrant visas (E visa)
  • Amnesty cases for undocumented workers
  • Investor visas and $1 Million Investor Green Card

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Death

Wrongful Death and injury.

Domestic Relations

Getting a Divorce? Child Support issues?
No matter what legal need you have, rest assured that I will provide all the resources and guidance you need to resolve your situation and help you through that fork in the road.

Mass Tort

"TOXIC: Forever Chemicals and Contaminated Water". We address the serious and growing public health and environmental challenges threatening our water, air, bodies, and other ecosystems. 
The Science of Toxic Exposure Cases, Litigating Across Borders: Navigating International Legal Frameworks, Camp Lejune, Michigan Flint Water, Forest Fires, Climate Change Related Wrongful Death Cases

Disability Appeals

Civil Lawsuits

The right to a jury trial protects our system of justice.

Medical Bill Reduction

We help reduce medical bills from Health Insurance Companies and Medical Providers.

Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT Legal Issues

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing industries today. It is slated to add more than $15 trillion to the economy over the next six years. The demand has never been higher for lawyers who understand Artificial Intelligence, Chat GPT, and related topics. As just an example, ChatGPT has written recipes, screenplays, computer code, essays, and even passed a law school final exam. Clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and governments to individuals and start-ups need counsel in this thriving practice. Legal issues involved with machine learning, data science and analytics, handling AI disclosures, current caselaw & regulations affecting the industry, and ethical considerations.

Truck Crash

If America’s killer trucking companies also ran elevators, you’d never get on another elevator. But once sued, they magically shift to practitioners of the highest possible level of protective care—the care of their money. We are here to fight back.

Drone, Flying Taxis, Aviation, and Advanced Air Mobility Law

Billions of dollars are currently being spent in one of the most anticipated, developing forms of transportation for the near future: flying taxis. Morgan Stanley expects the industry to generate $1.5 trillion annually, once it sets flight. At the same time, Boeing expects the overall aviation industry to soar to over $8 trillion over the next two decades. The government and private practice areas have generated an unprecedented need for counsel in the industry, ranging from licensing and regulation to accident litigation, tort claims, insurance, and employment law.

  • Aviation Maintenance Legal Considerations

  • Management of Aircraft Law

  • Misrepresentation involving Aviation Sales and Leases

  • Legal Issues involving Drones

  • Federal Aviation Administration Regulatory Developments

  • Advanced Air Mobility Implementation Plan Considerations

  • Legal Issues involving AAM Operators and Interested Communities

  • Licensing Matters

  • Aviation Litigation and Disputes

  • Tort Issues

Civil Rights

When the police wrongfully arrest you, we are here to make sure they pay.

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